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Policy Discounts

We want to reward you for taking good care of your touring caravan, folding caravan, trailer caravan or trailer tent, especially if you have a proven claim-free record. Earn up to 50% discount on your premium for good security, safe storage and a claim-free history.

New policyholder discount

If you are a new caravanner, it won’t take you long to start saving money on your premium. You may be eligible for an introductory no claim discount of 20%, and you can reduce your premium still further with good security and storage arrangements.

No claims discount

Tourer Select was one of the very first caravan insurance products to operate a no claims discount scale. Your no claims discount could get as high as 45%.

Security discount

Caravanners who fit anti-theft security devices and who store their caravan at reputable professional storage locations are eligible for premium discounts.