Your caravan. Covered.

Specialist cover for your touring caravan

Tourer Select understands how important your caravan is for all those family holidays and weekend breaks and knows that you want the most effective cover for your caravan and all of its equipment.

Unlike some “low-cost” insurance providers, we offer competitive prices without you having to sacrifice the key cover you need.

Customers choose us because they know that they are getting the best policy at a fair price.

Whether you’re an existing customer who needs to make a claim or a caravan owner enquiring about the best deal on your caravan insurance, our UK-based contact centre is ready to help you.

Tourer Select believes that careful caravan owners should be rewarded. That’s why we offer discounts on caravan insurance for people who take extra steps to protect their caravans from theft and damage.

Even people taking out brand new policies are eligible for these brilliant savings, so be sure to get in touch to see just how affordable your insurance can be.

We also offer no claims discounts for those who have consistently taken care of their caravan, meaning that you could save up to 45% just for having a few claim-free years.

We take time to explain all aspects of our touring caravan insurance with you so that you fully understand the cover.

What’s more, if you have just purchased your first caravan and/or trailer tent and are seeking insurance cover for the first time, you can also receive an introductory 20% no claim discount.

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Extensive cover

Find out how comprehensive Tourer Select cover is and the benefits of choosing it for your tourer caravan.

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Substantial savings

Whether you’re new to Tourer Select or not, you stand to make great savings on our premiums.